The Foreign & Commonwealth Office has a wealth of information on each country and is a great way to get the latest updates on the social, economic, and political situation which is helpful when planning your trip. The site provides information on travel information, consular help whilst abroad and document legislation.  The travel section covers entry requirements, local laws and customs, health and safety and security information. 


Holiday Insurance

It’s recommended you take out travel insurance once you’ve decided to go on holiday.

Choose from four levels of cover, an annual or single trip policy and personalise it with a range of additional cover features such as pre-existing medical conditions, gadget cover, car hire cover and lots more.

A standard policy also provides you a range of additional coverage such as protection if your plans change and you can no longer travel.

For your Holiday Insurance:

What essentials shall I bring?

It is always recommended where applicable – that you bring your medication along with a copy of your prescription when travelling as this eliminates any awkwardness at security and also helps should you need to obtain medical assistance. A Photocopy of your passport, a sheet with your emergency contact details at home in the UK and some emergency cash/ or have access to some. A water bottle is always a good idea as you may not wish to consume tap water where you go.  A water bottle means you can decant from a larger bottle which you should aim to buy at your earliest opportunity upon arrival. it’s also a good idea to check the weather so you know what clothes to pack. Your Travel Agent can advise on this.

Currency converter is a helpful tool to work out how much you should take with you. It’s always wise to carry some local currency when you travel as these can be useful for taxis and local shopping and eating out.

Holiday Extras

Now that you’re all booked t and ready for a great holiday, there are a few things you might want to consider that will elevate your holiday experience.

Firstly, if you live a long way from the departure airport, a pre-departure hotel stay means you avoid the stress of travelling a great distance before you have even arrived at the airport and can get a good night’s sleep ahead of your flight. This way you don’t spend the first day of your holiday asleep when you should be enjoying your holiday.

Another option is also to park at the airport so when you get back late at night or in the early hours of the morning, you can make your way home without the delay of waiting for public transport.

Stay, park and fly means you can stay overnight at a hotel close to, or on the airport grounds, on your outbound trip and even on the return.  The choice is yours.

Airport Lounges are a fantastic way to help you relax after the anxiety of getting to the airport on time and getting checked in. Some airport lounges offer spa and shower facilities to help you unwind and there’s also plenty to keep the children occupied too. You’ll be spoilt for choice as there are plenty of food and drink choices to help get you into the holiday mood.

Speak to your Travel Agent if you would like to book any of these as we often have access to a range of specially discounted offers.

Transfers to and from your hotel

We’ve all had a free shuttle transfer and wished we’d paid a little more money to get a direct transfer without the pain of watching everyone else start their holiday!  Time is precious and booking a private transfer saves time and is so convenient. The chauffeur waits for you with a name plate and then you are whisked way to begin your dream holiday. What could be better?

For some resorts you don’t just get there by car, as some transfers are by mini aircraft or even a speedboat. Talk to a Gemstone Travel Consultant to find out the possibilities for you!

Do something fun and out of the ordinary

On any holiday a good adventure is guaranteed to be etched in your memory. We have a range of recommendations we’d love to share with you to make that holiday unforgettable. On our website we’ve included some these on the destination’s pages. If you’d like to enquire more, please speak to a Gemstone Travel consultant. These can be added even after booking your holiday.