The Apostle Paul founded the first Christian communities in Europe, with the Steps of the Apostle Paul Pilgrim route across the Greek nation exploring historic and cultural antiquities still evident in Greek life today. Thessaloniki’s Mount Athos is host to over twenty monastic communities since the 9th century AD where hermit monks existed today servicing as a benchmark for Christians the world over, as living examples in worship, testimony of faith, prayer, and spiritual exercise.

The Byzantine period a thousand-year peak of Christianity, led to a rise in religious artistic and cultural traditions appearing in art and literature, churches, monasteries, religious heirlooms of rich cultural and religious significance spread abundantly across Greece.

Post Byzantine saw the rise of the Ottomans saw Greek devotion to their faith and church through worship and education with the emergence of Christian martyrs celebrated to this day evidenced by erected monuments and festivals held annually across Greece.

Title:Pilgrim Tour Thessaloniki – Greece
Overview:Thessaloniki has the perfect combination of unspoilt Mediterranean beaches with lively communities, and a glorious past to explore with its three peninsulas, fjord-like bays with emerald beaches and coves.
DescriptionSteeped in Christian history with monuments and traditions following the Apostle Paul’s journey of reaching and teaching Christianity across Greece. Thessaloniki home to significant Christian landmarks and traditions will quell any curiosities. 
Highlights of Tour:Visit the Ark of Orthodox a timeless state, where monasteries on Mount Athos will take you to a place of serenity, peace and love. Archangelon-Agiou Georgiou Church, The Rotunda, Agiou Pavlov Churches are tributes to saints. Visit the war caves and towers and Aristotle’s Square; Modiano Market a must see and where you can enjoy a meal in one of the many restaurants or coffee shops; The White Tower a fortress monument. Yea Appolina offers health benefits from its lake of hydrogen sulphide; Pikrolimni mud lake also offers therapeutic treatments.
Purchase monastic products such as honey, wine, olive oil, sweets ecclesiastical souvenirs, health, and personal care items.
Duration, days:6 nights /7 days in a room with breakfast and dinner. 
Price, from:£1,958 per person 
Dates:Check tour availability with Travel Agent as customised as requested.
Extras (upgrade, transfer, etc.):Direct Flights with a scheduled airline transfers included with English Speaking guide
Gemstone Travel Immersive experiences:A monastic stay can be organised – price available upon request. Promotional free or discounted upgrades available throughout the year. Check with us at time of enquiry.
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