Pilgrim Tours 

Pilgrim tours to Israel occur year round with Easter and Christmas being particularly busy. We customise your Pilgrimage itineraries so they not only include the major sites but include other sites which may be of particular interest to your party.  The size of your party will influence the level of changes that can be made. As part of our service we can also arrange for your tour to include times where your party can worship at designated sites and provide worship leaders to facilitate this where required. This will be in addition to your English speaking guide which will accompany you throughout the Pilgrim Tour.

Listed below are the most frequently visited sites and there are many other sites that can be added to the itinerary as required. Tour dates for groups are agreeable upon enquiry. Tour durations can vary and can be tailored to suit.   We plan two trips each year, the first to depart in May and the second in September. If you are interested in either of these tours you should contact us stating your interest. 


Visit Israel for its religious significance and its historical heritage that is testament to early Christian times. A spiritual city where three major monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam each have religious sites based there.

Passing through alleyways,  lined with bazaars and cafes you will arrive  at the Armenian Orthodox and Polish Catholic Churches, the Greek Orthodox Monastery of the Charalampus. The iconic Temple Mount, the Wailing Wall and the Tower of David are only a few steps away.


Jerusalem is capital city is where old  traditions meets new rich in diversity and culture. With many cultural attractions, new top hotels and museums like the newly opened Museum of Tolerance which promotes unity and respect among Jews and people of all faiths.  There is a well established arts scene, night life and a packed calendar of events throughout the year with bars, restaurants where local Israeli and international dishes are easily available.  A new high speed rail link between Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem city centre connects the two cities in under twenty minutes. 

  • The Sea of Galilee site of the feeding of the 5000 & The Sermon on the Mount of Beatitudes
  • Capernaum – The Wedding Church in Cana
  • Nazareth for Mary’s Well & Joseph’s Church
  • Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane
  • Walk of the Cross & a visit to the Wailing Wall
  • Tomb of King David & Room of the Last Supper
  • Official Memorial of the Jewish Victims of the Holocaust
  • Israeli Museum & Hebrew University
  • Bethlehem for Rachel’s Tomb & The Church of the Nativity

Activity Highlights on this Tour

  • Float in the Dead Sea
  • Ascend by cable car to view the Roman Fortress, King Herod’s Palace the Synagogue & the Roman Baths
  • Shopping in the Souks & Bazaars

Whilst in Israel  you may wish to spend some time in Tel Aviv post tour, where you can unwind on the beautiful long sandy beaches of Tel Aviv. Clients who have been on the Pilgrim tours in the past have often expressed their delight in having taken the option of staying additional days in Tel Aviv to unwind and reflect on their time in Israel. 

Please contact us to arrange this for you.

Things to see and do in Jerusalem

  • Explore the tunnels under the wailing wall by Virtual Reality for insight into the second temple 2,000 years ago.
  • A light show reflected across the Tower of David and hear the story of Jerusalem 
  • Enjoy a meal during Open Restaurants Festival when cuisines from East meets west
  • Castle Wineries for a wine tasting with cheese and bread 
  • Dine in the Yehuda Market which turns into a melting pot at night of eateries and bars
  • Virgin direct flights from sept 2019. Airport 25 miles from Jerusalem
  • Israel Museum for artefacts including the Dead Sea Scrolls are amongst its exhibits
  • Visit the Ahava visitor centre at the Dead Sea where you can buy products created from Dead Sea mineral for face and body

Tel Aviv 

Tel Aviv, less than an hours drive away from Jerusalem, is distinguished by its Miami styled promenades, grand Bauhaus boulevards which are in stark contrast to the crumbling sandstone vistas of Jerusalem.  Tel Aviv is a truly cosmopolitan hub with its crystalline waters and long sandy beaches fringed with rows of bars, shops and restaurants resulting in a true melting pot in every sense of the word. 

Things to see and do 

  • Shop for spices in Shuk Levinsky where local chef buy their spices
  • Pick up a bargain at Tel Aviv’s Antiques Market which offers a range of vintage finds and from the current designers
  • For more traditional souvenirs Jaffa Flea Market for antiques and second hand treasures
  • Wander along the Bauhaus buildings 
  • Stroll on the miles of sandy beaches