Greece’s history ranks it as one of the worlds most significant and influential cultures of the world. With history as far back as 700,000 BC, and relics of varying shapes and sizes spanning the centuries, the Greek islands have plenty to offer whatever your travel desires; a weekend city break, a relaxing beach holiday or a pilgrim tour where you will traverse the country, discover its history and culture and reminisce the sights and sounds of past times.

Today Greece remains one of the most visited places in the Mediterranean with its hot sunny climate, crystal clear waters and its abundant history, where there’s more than enough to sustain its endless appeal.   Enshrined by its colourful past, today Greece offers a plethora of ancient relics which tells the stories of defeats and victories in many great wars led by kings whose influences can be seen in custom or relic across the islands. Home to many of the greatest influencers such as Aristotle, Socrates and many more, Greece continues to be a place where Greek mythology still abounds in the customs and culture of today.

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With a vast landscape, Greece offers an abundance of places to explore which are also easily accessible as there is much to discover in each of the region’s towns. Ancient towers whilst many were severely damaged a number survived used in the past to offer protection for the townspeople as a warning for danger. Fishing, mining villages adorned with many Christian churches built as early as 16th century providing great historical insights into the past such as the chapel of the Apostle Paul with its well-preserved interior fountain.  Greece’s Aegean seas have favourable conditions for marine activities due to its calm waters and ambient sea temperatures making it ideal for snorkelling, diving, fishing, and sailing.