Home of the Pharaohs Kings of the past, Egypt is steep in history with its monumental temple ruins, the River Nile which was the backdrop to many biblical events is much a lifeblood for many today as it was then. The Nile flows for about 750 miles (1,200 km) of its northward course through the country, making its way through bare desert. The rivers flows through a narrow valley a with a strip of green in abundant contrast to the desolate surroundings. Today the Nile River is decked with floating riverboats as well as local boats providing a vista along the banks where locals inhabit carrying on with the practicalities of daily living. 

Egypt is the home of ancient civilisations where Pharaonic Egypt thrived for some 3000 years with periods of foreign rule by Alexander the Great a Greek, then the Romans and subsequently the Muslims whose influence is evident in many areas of Egyptian life today. 

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Cairo the capital city juxtaposes ancient and new, East and West. The ancient Pyramids of Giza in the southwestern side of Cairo with an obelisk in the northeast marks the site of Heliopolis where Plato once studied interspersed with modern landmarks like the high-rise hotels and apartment buildings which overlook the River Nile provides for folklore entertainment.  Cairo boasts a semi-walled medieval city with over 400 historic monuments—including mosques, mausoleums, and massive stone gates.

Luxor, a City of Palaces where you will experience nostalgic and enchanting discoveries like the ancient tombs of kings and queens housed in the Valley of the Kings where these rulers of the New Kingdom are buried in fine style.  This city of ancient Pharonamic treasures is home to Karnak and Luxor Temples and only a few steps away to the River Nile. Beyond the rich historical and cultural wonders shop to your hearts content at the bazaars where you can pick up a myriad of souvenirs.

Things to do

  • Oriental Night join festivities in the Fellah Tent Sail in a Galaxy on a traditional felucca into the sunset to our tent village and enjoy a typical Egyptian night – folklore show, Rababa Band, Belly dancing, snake show, stick fighting, Camel and Horse show
  • Carthegeland – Family fun at Carthegeland, offers all the fun of a theme park with hellish rides, bumper cars, carousels, dance aquatics area with slides for all ages, Mixtreme adventures and cinema. 
  • Cruise the River Nile and revel in the bygone era as you recall biblical events of the past.
  • Visit the majestic temples of Luxor or the ruins of Karnak and Dendara Temples
  • Fly in a hot air balloon over the Valley of the Kings, along the River Nile and watch the sunrise and see the Egyptian locals on their rooftops making early morning reparations