The Caribbean’s biggest appeal is its weather!  Guaranteed sunshine, balmy sea breezes and warm turquoise waters makes it popular for those seeking a relaxing beach holiday. That said, each island has its own unique attractiveness with the popular resorts like Bahamas, Barbados, Domincan Republic and Jamaica to name a few, offering a range of indulgent treats, from reinvigorating spa treatments to get your mojo back, to high octane water sports where thrill seeker are sure to be delighted with the wind surfing, adventure with snorkelling and deep sea diving.  The Caribbean is capital for laid back relaxation and it is here that you will be spoilt for beaches, with some islands boasting one for every day of the year!  

When you arrive in the Caribbean your first instincts are to get into the water and then lie on the beach with a cocktail or mocktail in hand, whilst the gentle waves caress your mood and transport you into paradise.

And the islands have a beach for nearly every occasion,  no less than you would expect in the Caribbean, given that a great part of living occurs outdoors. Expect to find your own private alcove perfect for newlyweds or those simply wishing to get away from it all.  Shallow waters with large beaches are ideal for families with younger members and makes a perfect backdrop for those early morning walks or romantic late night strolls. 

Sports enthusiasts will not be disappointed! If speed is your thing then zip-lining, horse riding and trail rides on land will transport you to the spectacular views across the islands furnished by wells, springs and waterfalls as standard. For water sports  lovers experience the dizzying heights as you windsurf atop the water or sky dive high above the oceans carpet of blue green hues. 

A holiday to the Caribbean not only guarantees your fix of vitamin D as there are places to visit and things to see and do as many of the islands heritage sites take you back into the past times with many museums offering an insight into past eras of colonisation by the Spanish, French and English and here you will witness a flavour of the legacies which shape present day living. 

Food in the Caribbean is a fusion of the past, with many dishes shaped by colonisation and movement of people from Africa throughout the islands. Food plays a big part in the culture of each island and it is quite common to see outdoor cooking of some scale happening as you explore the islands – with carnivals, festivals, tournaments and competitions accompanied by a variety of food offerings from street through to Michelin star rated. 

Music in the Caribbean forms the backdrop to everyday life and plays a huge part of the culture. You will hear sound systems blasting out beats all day and way into the night. It is the pulse of the Caribbean and has gained worldwide appeal as is seen in the growing numbers of music festivals and concerts that attract people from all over the world.  Each island has their own unique sounds  and the hospitality of the peoples’ is second to none. “No Problem Man” is a common expression often heard throughout the Caribbean, a clear reminder you are on holiday so chill!